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December 30, 2008


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Once lost is never a loss…now

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It all started in a winter. One day, my dad announced after returning from the office, that he got a promotion & a lift. All that we cried for was, “party with a big P”. Sooner the dark side of the moon looms large. As we came to know, all these joys of tonight bears the pains of estrangements. We had to move on. Our new home would be in a different state with different surroundings & altogether new people to get acquainted. “But we will be completely lost there”, I yelled. Dad’s gesture was- can’t help-type & my mom could only say-it will be all right.

So, we moved in from our native state to daddy’s working place- some 1500 miles down north. It was very hard to cope up with the somewhat newer version of life, there. But we managed & succeeded. After passing out from high, I started to find out my left-ones. Any offline search from bureau office would lead nowhere, so, I took a different route. I hired a private detective agency, supplied them all the names that was in my diary & the hell broke loose. After the initial payment & a few weeks of time, they gave me a smooth talk of going on for extensive search option. I had to pay more & another few weeks past. I was restless enough & when they provided an incomplete report, the fat was on the fire. What I found out, that most of the so called detective agencies engaged in find people business are phoneys. At that time, I was so helpless that my dream of finding my childhood friends seemed a distant thing to me. I confessed the whole damn thing to my daddy & a quick fire solution arrived. Daddy told me, that he also took liberty to find his old pals & by using he can renew his old friendship alive. I was elated. Find people is so easy? I just begged to my dad to give me permission to use his laptop & found the site was bookmarked. Registration charge is minimal compared to the other search sites & it is so user friendly that even a blind person can search & find the required data. Using this site you can lookup almost anyone in the USA. Find old girlfriends, boyfriends, or lost relatives. Do a background check on a prospective babysitter or a suspicious neighbour, which includes aliases / maiden names, relatives, current and past roommates, property ownership, nationwide criminal records, bankruptcies, tax liens, civil judgments, assets, website ownership, and a lot more. With more than 300 Million People Records available, Over two millions records are added every month , that is the reason why everyday thousands of private individuals and families are making as there only People Search Finder.

They also provide me a free e-Book & offer me to access 5 other e-Books with a minimum charge. It has given me many relevant results, such as, I found out my uncles divorce record, my nieces marriage records and let me download and view my own birth record within a few minutes. Now, I’m addicted to this site & with a simple click I can avail land & property records, SSN records with many other relevant records database. One can even find Criminal records, Court records with Sex offender’s records of ones locality. This site provides a constant updated version & a wonderfully organised 365 X 7 X 24 customer care service; one can get the desired report easily and effortlessly from here. Now my daily rooster stands to log in & search the huge and diversified data bank of

So, if you are in need with these kinds of records, here is the site. Come on folks, happy searching…

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