5 Search Tools for Finding Someone Online

Today, it has become a lot easier to find someone. All that you need to do is type the individual’s name into Google and hit the enter key. You’ll be immediately given links to the person’s social media profiles and several other details. However, just a Google search won’t be enough to get the desired result. 

It may happen that the person you’re trying to search for has a common name. In such situations, you need a more reliable tool that’s somewhat better than a Google search. Here are some of the effective search tools that would help you find someone online:

1. Pipl

It is a free search tool that fetches results from many other websites. These sites would charge a certain sum for accessing the records. From those sources, Pipl brings in a good number of addresses and phone numbers. Accompanying them would be the links to public records, online resources, and other useful bits of information. 

The ability of this tool to search within a specific state, city, or zip code is helpful in particular. Upon knowing the geographic location of the individual, you can narrow down the search results to that specific area.

2. YoName

YoName is helpful when the individual you want to find has a social media profile. You need to be absolutely sure that the person has his or her profile on a social networking website. This tool searches across an entire list of various social networking sites. 

They range from the more popular sites like MySpace to the less common ones. It may take some time to look through the results, but the process is made easier with a table. The results are laid out in a table that can be browsed through quickly.

3. Zoom Info

This search tool is particularly useful if you’re looking to connect with someone at their work. Along with locations, the search results would include employers and job titles. The site includes a contact this person button. In order to utilize it, you’ll need to sign up for a free trial. 

When the free trial ends, it would cost $99 a month to use the button and other features. If you’re willing to work a bit harder, you can skip paying the fee. You can call up the company mentioned and see if they can provide an email address or phone number.

4. Jobster

The key focus of Jobster is searching for jobs, but it also has a tool to search individuals. Usually, it is used for employers and recruiters looking for candidates. This doesn’t mean that it cannot be used to get some contact information. You may certainly find something that could help you in your search. A few other job sites can also provide similar opportunities.

5. Intelius

You’ll be prompted to pay a fee for accessing most of the information available through Intelius. This website offers everything from contact numbers to complete background checks. This may give you the much-needed information. 

Many individuals and organizations purchase information from this website. Those who have purchased the data have claimed that they found the exact person. Despite this, the price tag would discourage many from buying this tool.

5 Search Tools for Finding Someone Online

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