Things You Must Know About the Vital Records of Texas

The vital records in Texas are open to the public in accordance with the state laws. All the records that are deemed ‘public’ can be accessed by those who are interested and eligible. However, some designated record custodians may restrict access to the records. 

In this case, the statutory exemptions of the state would apply. The type of record requested would also impact the access to the vital records of Texas. The year of the event and/or the requester’s legal authority would also have an impact on the access.

Information required to search the online records

The requesting party would be required to provide any information required to facilitate the record search. Some third-party websites also manage and disseminate vital records that are publicly available. These sites don’t have any limitations of geographical record availability.

This makes them a reliable starting point from where you can search for specific or multiple records. Third-party websites are not sponsored by the government. Record availability on these sites may, therefore, differ from official channels.

Requirements for getting the records

The requirements usually vary for obtaining a Texas vital record. It depends on the record of interest and the intention for which the record has been requested. Informational copies of public records may be accessed by the interested individuals without any documents or permissions. If the record is to be used for official purposes, there are certain rules to be followed. 

The requester must present an ID issued by the government to obtain a certified copy of the record. The ID must be accompanied by a document or documents proving the eligibility of the requester for restricted records. Examples of accompanying documents include a court subpoena and/or documents showing proof of relationship.

Difference between a certified record and informational copy

A record’s informational copies are used exclusively for the purpose of information or research. They can be issued to members of the general public upon receiving a request. They are considered non-official copies and have no legal authority. 

Certified records on the other hand are issued strictly to individuals who meet the specified eligibility requirements. They are legal documents generally notarized by relevant authorities and are suitable for establishing identity and for official functions.

Are marriage records in Texas public information?

Marriage records in Texas are public information unless otherwise stated by a court. They can generally be accessed by interested members of the public upon submitting their request. Some of the marriage records can be sealed or deemed confidential. 

This might be due to a court ruling or request made by the registrant or registrants. Marriage records that are confidential can be obtained by the parties named on the record. They can also be obtained by individuals authorized by court order.

How to find marriage records in Texas?

Texas marriage records can be obtained upon querying the county clerk’s office. The office must be in the county where the license for marriage was issued. A Marriage License Index is maintained by the Vital Statistics Section of the Texas Department of State Health Service. 

It can be used to obtain information regarding a marriage license. This is not an official document but helps in finding records or verifying the event’s date and place. This office also provides marriage verification letters that are based on the information available on the online index.

Things You Must Know About the Vital Records of Texas

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