How You Can Search a Divorce Record in Alabama

A divorce record in Alabama refers to all the official documents that establish the dissolution of a marriage. It only takes into account the dissolution of marriages in the state of Alabama. Every piece of information associated with the divorce may be found in the record. There are three types of divorce documents that Alabama maintains. They are divorce decrees, divorce certificates, and divorce records. 

As divorce records are considered court records, you can search them on third-party public record websites. Divorce records provide personal data on minors, sensitive criminal information, and finances. Owing to the personal nature of divorces, the availability of a divorce record, decree, and certificate is lower. You may find it harder to obtain and search for a divorce record.

Divorce certificate

A divorce certificate has the least amount of information about the divorce on record. Despite this, it is the most commonly used document. In the state of Alabama, it is issued by the Alabama Department of Public Health. It can be obtained by anyone who can give enough information for a record search and pay the fees involved. 

The final judgment of an Alabama Family Court at the end of a divorce case is crucial. It plays an important role in the dissolution of a marriage. A divorce decree refers to the court document detailing the final judgment of an Alabama Family Court. This legal document is signed by a Family Court judge and details the judge’s decisions. 

These decisions are binding to both parties. A divorce decree bears an identifying case number. It shows the terms of any settlement that has been reached, as agreed by both parties. In addition to the information given in a divorce certificate, a divorce decree will also have custody information. It would also contain details of property division and the terms and schedule for spousal and child support payments. 

The court that grants the divorce is the one that issues a divorce decree. All the final judgments on divorce before January 1950 can only be found where they have been issued. They are, therefore, only available at the Offices of the Clerks of the Circuit Courts of the counties.

Availability of divorce records to the public in Alabama

In Alabama, divorce records are public records. They are, therefore, made available to anyone who requests them. The requester must provide the information required to search and get these records. The Alabama Circuit Clerk’s Offices charge nominal fees for the copies of divorce records that are requested.

Access is restricted in Alabama only to sealed divorce records. Only those individuals who are named on these records and their attorneys can access them. These records are not sealed by default. In order to get a record in Alabama sealed, the parties involved must file a motion with the court. 

The motion contains the request for sealing of their records. Both the parties involved in the case must give valid reasons and agree to this. Whether to grant or deny the motion is something that the judge will decide.

How you can obtain Alabama divorce certificates

Requests for divorce certificates must be submitted to the Alabama Department of Public Health (ADPH). Only then can the divorce certificates be obtained. The Center for Health Statistics has been keeping records of all divorces in Alabama since the January of 1950. You can obtain divorce records produced before this date from Alabama’s Office of the Clerks of the Circuit Courts. 

The public can submit their request for divorce certificates from the ADPH. This is done by sending their applications online, via email, or in person. You can also visit any of the county health departments in the state and request these records in person.

How You Can Search a Divorce Record in Alabama

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